Chimney Repair

Chimneys have no protection from harsh weather and over the course of time, that can lead to the need for chimney repair. There are plenty of fixes that are more affordable than having to undergo extensive chimney replacement procedures. The staff at All Out Chimney Services is experienced in providing a number of repair options that won’t come with an extremely high cost.

We specialize in several forms of chimney repair and that includes the installation of flashing, firebox repair, water sealing, crown repairs and much more. As industry experts, our technicians diagnose chimney problems and then recommend an affordable solution. We have years of experience inspecting chimneys, which allows our technicians to know just what to look for. Below are some of the most common forms of chimney repair we provide to clients.

  • Heat Shield repair – Many chimney flues need to be returned its original condition, although it does not always require an entire rebuild. The use of Heat Shield will save homeowners a lot of money. Heat Shield acts as a cement and repairs mortar joints while also filling in cracks and resurfacing the interior of the flue. The technicians at All Out Chimney Sweep apply Heat Shield to the most appropriate places to fill problem cracks and gaps. Heat Shield repair is considered an affordable alternative to major chimney repair.
  • Liner Repair – Chimney liners are extremely important as they keep flue gases out of your home. A strong liner also enhances the structural integrity of the chimney while improving safety and fuel efficiency. There are different types of liners and our technicians are skilled in repairing each variety, which includes stainless steel, aluminum, and terra cotta. Chimney liners are subject to deterioration, cracking or improper installation. When you suspect an issue with your chimney liner, contact All Out Chimney Sweep and we’ll send over a technician to inspect and assess the issue.
  • Cap Repair – Chimney caps are important because they keep out debris, rain and animals. When a cap becomes compromised, it could provide a nesting place for animals and also allow moisture to get inside your chimney. That could lead to structural damage. Having a solid chimney cap is essentially a form of preventative maintenance. Our skilled technicians can scale your roof and ensure that your chimney cap is properly installed and repaired. This is something best left to the professionals and is not a repair that homeowners should try themselves.