Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping requires the use of professional equipment for the purpose of cleaning the interior of your chimney. At All Out Chimney Sweep, this is more than just a cleaning process. Our technicians can offer insight on how your chimney is functioning when conducting a chimney sweep. Each sweep also doubles as an inspection as we can diagnose minor problems before they turn into major ones.

Chimney Sweeping Service

Our goal is to provide each client with a thorough, safe and efficient chimney sweep. We offer affordable rates and employ experienced and certified technicians. During our chimney sweeping process, clients can be sure that our technicians will complete the following tasks:

  • Consider inside of your home – Our technicians will use the proper drop cloths to protect your home from acquiring any soot, smoke or debris during the sweeping process. We value the inside of your home and always take extensive precautionary measures.
  • Inspect chimney for issues – The process of chimney sweeping allows our expert technicians to get a good look inside your chimney. This will reveal any issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. If you are having a draft issue with the flue, we will detect it.
  • Thorough cleaning – Chimney sweeping is essentially a comprehensive cleaning that will remove the buildup of soot. It will also clean the smoke chamber, ash door, as well as the hearth. Our technicians will also remove any buildup of creosote in the fireplace.
  • Up to code – Part of the inspection process is making sure that all local codes and industry standards are met. Being skilled and experienced enables our technicians to identify even the smallest of problems.

All Out Chimney Sweep provides sweeping service on all varieties of chimneys. This is a routine process that is recommended to be done on an annual basis. Those who use their chimney more frequently may want to utilize this service on a more regular basis.

And when it comes time to put your home on the market, a chimney sweeping is strongly recommended. A bad chimney can be a deal breaker for prospective buyers, which emphasizes the importance of regular chimney sweeps. It is much akin to servicing your vehicle every so often to ensure that it is running right.

Prepping your home for a chimney sweep means making sure the fireplace is accessible for the technicians. Once that is done, we will take over and do the rest.