Gutter Repair

Gutter repair is not uncommon as withstanding the elements of Mother Nature can take its toll. Heavy rains, wind, snow and hail can all add extra wear on gutters. A buildup of debris can also cause problems over the course of time and when any of those issues occur, it is time to call All Out Chimney Sweep for the best gutter repair Charlotte has to offer.

Minor Repairs

Not all gutter repair is going to require a major overhaul. Some problems can be solved with a quick fix. End caps are prone to leak as are mitered corners. For our team of professionals, this is not considered a major repair. There are also some instances when all we need to do is add some new gutter nails or a substitute for repair. Rehanging a gutter may just take a couple simple steps and prevent any larger problems from occurring.

Resealing Seams

One of the most frequent causes of gutter repair is a leaking seam. This can be caused by excess debris, ice damage and constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A combination of all those elements can eventually cause a gutter seam to leak. When this occurs, our technicians will clean the area and sand it before applying sealant for the final repair. Leaks may also occur in the joint areas of gutters that are installed in sections. To repair this issue, our technicians will reconnect the joints and use a high-grade caulk as a sealant.


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